VDMC and Task force Formation


From the 6th to 19th February 2021, Village Disaster Management Committee (VDMC) and Task Force was formed in the 10 selected project villages by the people’s Action for Development.

At the outset of the meeting Project team members were elaborated about the project activities as well as the role and responsibilities of the VDMC and Task force.  Before formation of the VDMC and Task Force some of the rules and regulations for making VDMC and Task force group were mentioned by the project staffs and they also made a VDMC structure on the chart paper and make them understand.  Thereafter they asked them to select eligible person for the VDMC committee. There members of the VDMC should be 15 and for the Task force there should be 10 members total Four Task Force will be formed and for the Task force only those person will be selected who are physically fit and who knows swimming etc. From every Task force 3 members will be involved in VDMC committee.

The president, Secretary, Treasurer and all the members of the VDMC and Task force were selected by the community people. The community people proposed the VDMC and Task Force Members who would work for development of their village with the help of PAD.


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