Past Focus Issue

1. Livelihood :

Empowering the community is the key to sustain the development process. One of the main pillars of empowerment is economic/livelihood sustainability. Our aims at economic sustainability of the target community by providing knowledge, skill/training, demonstration and backup support .

The Self-Help Group is the main tool for development. In fact this lead one to be aware of his/her presents status and opt for betterment of his/her future. The SHG movement is being taken place in the area and now the community is eager and open to take up other livelihood options.

2. Disaster management :

Formation and promotion of disaster management committee is another strategic to face the natural and other calamities. The participatory method to develop cop up mechanism in flood and drought are now becoming major area of activities for PAD after working with European commission and German Agro Action in the flood relief and rehabilitation Project.

3. Promotion of literacy :

Promote literacy through formal and nonformula education. establishing School in backward areas.

Strategy : Socio-economic development through SHG/DMC by practices of sustainable livestock management, Disaster management and improved agriculture development. Also promote formal and informal education.

The improvement in economic status is a must for a human being to have dignified living standard. But this effort must come from the community itself. All this while various Charity organizations tried their best and raised the living standard of the poor but with the end of their charity projects, the standard which they had raised was back to the earlier or worst standard.

Other important task is to empower SHGs/DMCs to get government facilities through Local governance like Gram Panchayat, Mising Autonomous Council, MLA & MP Development fund. The Orgnisation always encouraged SHG Members to get above funds for their development. Public distribution system is another area where the organization is planning to Intervene.