PAD Distributes Water-Resilient Rice Seeds to 100 Farmers in Lakhimpur


People’s Action for Development (PAD), a leading Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), based in upper Assam recently distributed water-resilient rice seeds to a hundred farmers of 10 villages under Bihpuria Revenue Circle of Lakhimpur district of Assam. The NGO has been working to help the marginalised communities, particularly the tribals, Adivasis, women, children and other socio-economically downtrodden sections, of the region for last decades. Following all the ongoing Covid-19 protocols, imposed by the administration and additional suggetions from experienced medical professionals, the PAD volunteers sent the seeds to the Village Disaster Management Committees (VDMCs) of the 10 selected villages, highly affected by the Subansiri river’s floods and erosion. From each village, 10 farmers were chosen as beneficiaries by the PAD volunteers and the members of the VDMCs.

The seed support to the farmers could be done under a project entitled “Strngthening Resilience: Sustainable Adaptation to Climate Change in Flood-Affected Areas of Assam  through Multi-Sectoral Prevention and Adapatation Mechanisms and Advocacy”, implemented by PAD and supported by a Germany based organisation Terre des Hommes (TDH).

For socio-economic upliftment of the villages, children groups, women groups, youths groups; other task forces etc were formed and high rise clay platforms were built. Philipson Sona, the PAD’s Deputy Director cum bProject Coordinator told, “Installtion of high rise tube wells to access clean drinking water by the villagers  have been going on and 5 boats are ready to distribute, prioritising in most affected villages. Hope God will soon lower the curve of the spiralling Covid-19 cases so that we serve the people more who really need external assistance to survive decent lives in the society.

The implementation of the project has been undergoing in the villages of Gondhosoraiati, Dhunaguri, Bahgarha Pathar, Puroni Bahgarha, Ronganoi Chenimora, Bholukaguri, Gongorabari,Dahgharia, Kalbari and Aunibari.


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