PAD Director Hands Over Hand Pump and Raised Platform to Flood Affected Communities

Today, People’s Action for Development Director Wilfred Topno visited Ronganoi Chenimora and Gongrabari, two villages in the Lakhimpur District involved in the organization’s project Strengthening Resilience: Sustainable Adaptation to Climate Change in Flood-Affected Areas of Assam through Multi-Sectoral Prevention and Adaptation Mechanisms and Advocacy.

He handed over a hand pump at Ronganoi Chenimora and a raised earthen platform at Gongrabari for these communities to use during the floods.

“The installation of high-rise hand pumps for drinking water in flood-affected areas and raised platforms for people and livestock to take shelter during heavy rains are essential. We need to keep working with the affected communities so that we can contribute more for these people,” Topno said after inaugurating the hand pump and the platform.
To take stock of the situation on ongoing activities of the PAD’s project and also the flood and erosion situations in the area Topno visited some more places there and interacted with the communities. The people and the Village Disaster Management Committees (VDMCs) of the villages expressed satisfaction over the activities of the organization.
During this visit, the Director was accompanied by Monoj Gogoi, the Documentation and Advocacy Manager of the organization.