PAD-Action Aid Association Creates Awareness on Covid-19 in Tea Gardens and Adivasi Populated Areas in Lakhimpur


To create awareness on Covid-19 and need of vaccination among the people in the tea gardens and Adivasi populated areas in Lakhimpur district, Peoples’ Action for Development (PAD), a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) in collaboration with Action Aid Association resorted to announcement using mike and a vehicle. The 10-day long awareness campaign which was started on 18th July last concluded on Monday successfully. During these days, campaigning team, led by Philipson Sona, Deputy Director of PAD and Rajesh Kerketta, Governing Body Member and also the president of All Adivasi Students’ Association of Assam, covered all the tea gardens of the district and 10 Adivasi populated villages.
The announcement was pre-recorded and amid a beautiful mesmerizing melodious song the Covid protocols, set by the health department, were announced in every lanes of the tea gardens and village roads in Adivasi (Adivasiya Sadri) language.

The district is still under complete lockdown for an uncertain period of time as the Covid cases are spiralling high in many parts of the district. According to Philipson Sona, the tea garden workers were still doing their works and unaware of the Covid restriction. He, therefore told, “An awareness announcement was very essential for the people in these areas and we started to get positive feedbacks from the community.”

Rajesh Kerketta thanked the Lakhimpur Deputy Commissioner Sumit Sattawan for granting the permission for announcement and for his pro-active activities to respond the Covid situation in the district.



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