Our School Education

Members People Action for Development (PAD) has been constantly trying to empower the Adivasis of Ananda T.E. and other Tea Garden through formation of Self help Group, organizing them for Panchayati Raj Institution, PDS, NEREGA etc.

It was difficult because of illiteracy in Adivasi society of the Tea gardens. The isolated life of tea garden slavery for last 200year has made the Adivasi society hopeless. They have lost their culture language and history. Poverty and sickness hinder the Adivasi children from going to school. The Adivasi labours have very few time to look after their children for which children drop out from the school. The Labour Schools are Non functional After Two years of continuous long discussion and analysis PAD decided to start a school. Where extra care for the Adivasi children is taken.

ST. DON BOSCO SCHOOL run by local community through a governing body and local contribution and donation are the primary fund for running the school at the early stage. It is very encouraging that the School is functioning well and children are coming in large number to the school.

If this School is successful PAD will start series of school for the Adivasis and other weaker community children who really need education Support.

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