Installation of high rise hand pumps in flood affected villages



The conventional drinking water sources do not work during flood in flood affected areas. In the month of June 2021, People’s Action for Development (PAD) installed three high rise hand pumps in three villages under the project entitled, “Strengthening Resilience: Sustainable Adaptation to Climate Change in Flood-Affected Areas of Assam through Multi-Sectoral Prevention and Adaptation Mechanisms and Advocacy”. These three villages are Bahgorha Pathar, No1 Dahgharia and Ronganoi Chenimara on the bank of Subansiri river under Bihpuria Revenue Circle of Lakhimpur district in Assam. According to the village people, during flood period all the water sources used by the community are inundated by flood water and remain no longer usable.

The villagers express their happiness over the installation of the high rise hand pumps and assure that they will collectively use them . The Village Disaster Management Committees (VDMCs), formed by PAD will maintain the functionality of these hand pumps respectively.


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