Hundreds of villages reeling under flood water in late monsoon floods in Lakhimpur, Majuli and Dhemaji


About 300 villages are reeling under late monsoon flood water on Saturday in the districts of Lakhimpur, Majuli and Dhemaji. Due to perennial heavy precipitation for past few days in upper Assam and the adjacent hilly terrains of Arunachal Pradesh inflated the water levels of the mighty Brahmaputra and the north bank tributaries and inundate around 300 villages in all the Revenue Circles (RCs)of these three districts.
According to sources, in Lakhimpur, a total of 97 villages are affected by the surging water of the Brahmaputra and it’s tributaries like Subansiri, Ranganadi, Singora, Pava, Dikrong etc. The highest number of villages affected by the flood in North Lakhimpur Revenue Circle with 55 villages followed by Bihpuria RC with 17 villages, Narayanpur RC with 15 villages, Dhakuakhana RC with 6 villages and Kadam RC with 4 villages. Although there is no human casualty or missing so far but a large number of livestock, including big and small, around 23,500 affected in this deluge in the district. About 4084 ha. of crop area has been ravaged and in some places, schools and embankments are also damaged. Unofficial sources claim the amount of affected area is much higher.
Philipson Sona, Coordinator of a project entitled – “Strengthening Resilience: Sustainable Adaptation to Climate Change in Flood-Affected Areas of Assam through Multi-Sectoral Prevention and Adaptation Mechanisms and Advocacy” of Peoples’ Action for Development (PAD), with support from TDH, Germany, which has been being implemented in 10 flood affected villages under Bihpuria RC told that people of the flood affected areas had anticipated flood of this intensity but it happened late. He added massive flood towards the end of the monsoon was more damaging for the farmers. “Under the project we tried to support the people of these 10 villages by providing high rise clay platforms, high rise hand pumps for safe drinking water, search and rescue materials, first aid kits, 5 country boats to five villages and so on, now we are happy that the communities are using these with their experience in this disastrous situation”, Sona informed.

In Majuli, the rising water level of the Brahmaputra created catastrophic flood in more than 95 villages of the district. Sources inform that 45 villages, under Garamur RC, are affected by the flood water while 28 villages and 22 villages are affected by the flood of the Brahmaputra water in Kamalabari and Jengraimukh RCs respectively. This flood brings immense miseries to the people of the affected villages. In some places road communication becomes disruptive and roads become the primary shelters for livestock in many parts of the district. The flood also ravages the growing up paddy cultivation in the district.

A part of the project “Strengthening Resilience: Sustainable Adaptation to Climate Change in Flood-Affected Areas of Assam through Multi-Sectoral Prevention and Adaptation Mechanisms and Advocacy” has also been being implemented by Jorhat based North East Affected-Area Development Society (NEADS) with support from Germany-based TDH in 10 flood vulnerable villages under Kamalabari RC of Majuli district. The coordinator of this project Hemanta Phukan tells that all these 10 project villages are now reeling under flood and suffering from untold miseries. The assistance from the project and the administration is not enough to bring down their miseries and compensate their loss.
Similar condition is going on Dhemaji district too which is known as one of the most flood affected districts in the state. Due to incessant rain these days, the water level of all the rivers (most are flashy) alarmingly rising and inundated many villages in Jonai, Sissiborgaon, Dhemaji and Gogamukh RCs.


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