Formation of Women’s Group


Upliftment and empowerment of women in the chosen villages are important part of the project. To address the gender – related issues, the PAD staff reached the villages for formation of women’s groups between 4th March and 6th March.

The name of the project villages, where women’s groups have been formed:

1.Gondkhoraiati village 2. Dhunaguri 3. BahgorahPothar 4. PuroniBahgorah 5. Bholukaguri 6. RonganoiChenimora 7.Gongrabari 8.Dogharia 9. Kalbari 10. Aunibari

To form the women’s groups the PAD staff organised meetings in all these villages with women. Throughout these meetings 316 women could be reached in the 10 villages. The purposes of the meetings were to introduce about the project and future course of actions with them which will help them to improve their economic condition and linked with different government programs. In the meetings gender related issues had been discussed and during these discussions many challenges of rural women had come out and the current status of Self Help Groups (SHGs) were tried to understand.

In the meeting it was also discussed that, how can they maintain their register books and strengthen their existing group which can linked with the Assam State Rural Livelihood Mission (ASRLM) and with the Banks to get the benefit from it.

Total 63 SHG’s are there in the 10 project villages out of 63 SHG 9 newly SHG groups are formed by PAD. Previously many SHG’s are formed by the community people itself (by the women’s group) but only 10 to 15 groups are actively working in the 10 village’s rest of the groups are need to strengthen.

Following Points were Came Out from the meetings:

The Benefits from National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM) and SHGs.

  1. 1% Interest rate.
  2. Improvement women’s skills and capabilities in agricultural sector to support farm-based activities and high crops yield.
  3. Village Poverty Reduction Plan (VPRP) is a community demanded plan prepared by the SHGs’ network which can be further integrated into the Gram Panchayat development schemes (GPDP) through NRLM.
  4. Market facilitation, training and various workshops will be organized to strengthen and empower women.
  5. Benefits of SwanirbharNaariAtmoNiradhaar and Kanaklata schemes.
  6. 100% security of the SHGs.
  7. Training programs on livelihood to SHGs by PAD Summary: Most of the women actively participated in SHGs in some villages. Few SHGs expressed that they were sanctioned loans from the government agencies. Many SHGs received amount varied from Rs 25000 to Rs 200,000 and loaned the amount to local businessmen at higher interest rates. But it seems that few SHGs are inactive for various causes. Lockdown – imposed due Covid – 19 was one of major factors in impacting some SHGs. There were some challenges faced by PAD staff during forming the women’s groups:


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