Distribution of country boats to flood-affected villages in Lakhimpur


Besides the  government departments and agencies, several well -known Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) have been very actively working  in some of worst flood  affected villages in the districts of Lakhimpur and Majuli so the the flood victims could get at least a little respite and adapt to the flood. People’s Action for Development (PAD) today distributed five medium size country boats to five villages, affected by the flood of Subansiri , Ranganadi and some other rivers under its project entitled “Strengthening Resilience: Sustainable Adaptation to Climate Change in Flood-Affected Areas of Assam  through Multi-Sectoral Prevention and Adapatation Mechanisms and Advocacy” which is supported by Germany based organisation Terre des Hommes (TDH). Wilfred Topno, the Director of PAD told, “This is the first year of the project and from the very beginning we are trying to support 10 selected villages under Bihpuria Revenue Circle of Lakhimpur district by providing multiple supports including distribution of water resilient rice seed varities among farmers, erecting high rise clay platforms in villages for taking shelter for flood victims and livestock during flood inundation, planting saplings, formation of Village Disaster Management Committees (VDMCs) and task forces etc. Today we are happy to say that this evening we handed over boats to five villages, one boat to each village”. He added that boats were very important to the people who lived in flood affected areas. Boats were needed in all the individual or collective works during flood.

Philipson Sona, the Deputy Director of PAD told, “Today these 5 boats were transported from Salmara, Majuli where these boats were made, and handed over to the VDMCs of five villages this evening. The communities express their happiness and we are thankful to their cooperation.”

The villages  Aunibari, Bholukaguri, Gondhosariati, Purani Bahgarha and Dhunaguri were the beneficiaries. The PAD staffs Philipson Sona, John Tirkey, Manuel Aind, Uttam Nag, Arun Kongari, Joinas Urang, Shem Singh, Bipin Doley, Raj Kumar Chandi and Anima Pegu attended on the occasion.

Indo-Global Social Service Society (IGSSS) also distributed 30 boats in 15 flood affected villages (two in each village) under Lakhimpur Revenue Circle and Kadam Revenue Circle of Lakhimpur district last week. The Project Manager of the IGSSS Dharani Payeng told that with Corporate Social Responsibilty (CSR) support from the HDFC Bank they did several activities including country boat distribution. He added that they built several raised platforms separately for men and livestock in the villages. Toilets on stilts, built by IGSSS in the villages can be called ‘one of the most important works from the sanitation perspective’ and highly commendable.

On the other hand, North East Affected Area Development Society (NEADS), a Jorhat based NGO also distributed 5 boat to 5 villages (one boat to each village) under Kamalabari Revenue Circle in Majuli district. The Project Coordinator of NEADS’  this programme Hemanta Phukan told that they distributed the country boats to Upper Sonowal, Hukunamukh, Chumoimari, Dakhinpat Das Gaon and Upper Sumoimari villages. He also informed that under this TDH supported project they also distributed First Aids kits and Search and Rescue Materials the VDMCs of 10 villages affected by the floods of the Brahmaputra. These villages were Alimur Bamun Gaon, Botiamari,  Nam Sonowal, Upper Sonowal, Kaniajan, Dakhinpat Kumar Gaon, Hukunamukh, Chumoimari, Dakhinpat Das Gaon and Upper Sumoimari.


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