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Peoples Action for Development (PAD) >> Mission Baligaon, P.O.- Gogamukh -787034, Dist.- Dhemaji, Asssam (INDIA) >> Phone- 03752-293501 (O), 94351-86899 (M) >> Email- wiltopno@gmail.com , padassam@gmail.com

According to Registration Memorandum operation Area of PAD is Assam. But we are presently working few part of Lakhimpur and Dhemji District and lower subansiri and East Siang District of Arunachal Pardesh. Location is shown in the area of opration. The target area is located in the border areas of Arunachal Pradesh and state of Assam. The Area is around 400 Km from Guwahati and 80 Km from Itanagar the head quarter of Assam and Arunachal Pardesh Respectively. It is well connented by NH 52 and railway. These villages are:- Rupahi, Thekera Guri, Pathalipam, Ananda, Dhol Basti, Mingmang, Bodoti, Ukhamati, Santipur, Baligaon, Betbari, Kajia Mati, Germer, Dipa, jumi basti, Dulungmukh, Bonte, Kalaptokor.

The target communities are Mishing, Sonowals, Deuris, Hill Miris, Adis, Adivasis, Nepalese and Assamese.

State District Villages Communities
Assam Dhemaji Betbari, Kajia Mati, Germer, Nawgaon Bamchenia, Mingmang, Bodoti, Ukhamati, Baligaon, Naharbari, Lotak, Baligaon, Gogamukh, Chutiakari, Berbhanga Bodos, Misings, Sonowals, Santhals
  Lakhimpur Rupahi, Thekera Guri Ananda T.E., Pathalipam, TE Ananda, Dhol Basti, Kuiharbari Adivasi
Arunachal Pardesh East Siang Dipa, jumi basti Hill Miris, Adis, Mishings
  Lower Subansiri Dulungmukh, Bonte, Kalaptokor Hill Miris, Adis

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