Children and Youths Groups formation


The staff of the Organization – PAD visited the selected villages to understand the issues related to children and youths and also organized meetings in each of the villages for formation of youths and children groups. The PAD staff were divided into two groups to conduct the meeting with children and youth. These meetings were presided over by local village persons. Through these meetings PAD could reach total 821 participants – out of these 351 were male and 470 were females. The meetings were held in all the project villages within a week starting from 22nd February to 27th February.

At the outset of the meeting PAD team make them understand about the purpose of the forming of Youth and Child group. And what will be their role in creating awareness in the village and the development of their own community. It was also discussed that what would be the goal of youth and children in their future life.

Likewise in the Children group out of a total of 200 Children in 10 project villages, 93 are Male and 107 are Female.


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